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15 June 2010

Well Duh.

I can't believe was a goof I can be. I have yet to announce to whoever reads this that I am currently exhibiting 2 paintings and 5 drawings in a small gallery space on Arcadia University's campus. The new space is in the basement of the Landman Library, straight toward the back on the right. It is the first showing the new space has hosted, and it is an alumni show. Last I heard, the gallery was planning to be dedicated to Professor Judy Taylor, the head of the Photography Dept at AU, who passed away suddenly this winter.

Anyways, if you happen to be around Arcadia... or even if you aren't... stop by and check it out! PS-- The photo was taken while I was hanging everything... that is why there is a random folding chair...


Keri R said...

It actually is called The Judith Taylor Student Gallery. Bob made sure of it. We had a show there in the beginning of spring for our digital imaging class, it's a nice space. Congrats!

Amy Kitz Studio said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the info, I'm glad it all went through :)