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09 August 2009

Watermelon and Hot Dogs

So my goals have not been going exactlyyyy as I hoped. Actually... not at all. I've only drawn a handful of times, and painted even less. And tomorrow won't be any better, as I'm having my second surfing lesson all afternoon after work (woo!). But Tuesday!! Tuesday is art day. After I get my oil changed. But then!! Art!!

So I talked to my dad and we're gonna start making a real effort at turning my basement corner into a studio. Yay! That means shelving for still life set-ups, racks (or something similar) for storing, moving around the furniture and supplies... anything to turn my 8 x 11 foot space into a workable studio space. I'm not moving out anytime soon, so I might as well make the best of it.

So the more and more I think about it, the more and more I want to do a painting a day instead of a drawing (my indecisiveness may be the death of me). I sketch enough here and there, and draw everydayyy at work which is SO fun. I need more color and more paint in my life. And although the title of this page unfortunately has nothing to do with art (I ate watermelon today, and will be eating delicious hot dogs on Wednesday), I now REALLY want to paint both of those. Maybe tuesday. But even if I don't complete a small painting a day, I at least want to make progress on bigger works I may be working on.

05 August 2009


I painted today! For like 3 hours, which is very exciting. I almostttt finished Dave and Lil's wedding/shoe portrait. I'm starting to get used to my makeshift studio space in my basement. I shouldn't be so picky... it's free, it's at home, there's a sink and a fridge, and when I get really frustrated I can go upstairs and have my mom talk me out of wiping everything down. It works for now.

Things I have that make it feel like a studio:
- iPod dock
- cabinets full of blank/do-over-able canvases
- shelving and some storage

Things I need in order to make it feel more like a studio:
- a table like in Arcadias studio that I can sit my palette and stuff on so I can clear off my drafting table finally
- a tea kettle
- a new location for my cats litter box (it stinks awful)
- a new layout
- higher ceilings (obviously can't happen in my basement, but one can wish)
- paint. i am running dangerously low.

And until I find an affordable space to work in, this will do.

Photos of Dave and Lils painting will be up soon!

More of my Slackerdom

Day two of my goal not going well. Spent a day at the beach instead of drawing or painting. BUT... I read an art book on the beach!! If you have never read Art and Fear, please do so. One of my favessss.

So I mentioned before about losing our golden retriever. Well now I have a question for the probably small audience who may read this. Our 3 year old beagle seems to be dealing with some doggie depression now that hes lost his buddy, and we don't quite know how to help. Does anyone have any wise words of advice on this matter, because it certainly breaks my little heart to see this pup so sad.

Now... on a happy note :) It is currently 4 AM and I am getting ready for work. While this may not seem happy to you, it means I did not oversleep like I did on monday and I won't be 45 minutes late for work. Also, the day I spent at the beach yesterday was with my siblings and my 17 yr old brothers friends. I think its a great day when you realize you and your brothers and sisters are finally all close enough where you can hang out for a day and not want to fight like 5 year olds.

And since I did no creating today (yesterday?? we'll just say Tuesday), then today I must do double. (Note to self... blogs at 4AM ramble... avoid this in the future...) Time for some coffee!

03 August 2009

New Goal

One drawing per day (non-work related) and one painting or large drawing per week. That is my new goal. And considering that it is monday, the beginning of the week, that is what I will work on after this.

So I'm pretty bummy today, and have been pretty much all weekend, aside from a few good times here and there. We had to put our 11yr old golden retriever/yellow lab, Jack, to sleep on Friday. Our whole family was and still is devasted, to say the least. We had never lost a pet til now, and even though I always knew it would be really hard, this REALLY sucks. Well 11 years of the best dog ever is better than none.

So on a happy note (because who wants to end a bloggity post on that), I had the most delicious watermelon today with lunch. Mikey brought half in and we ate a ridiculous amount of it. Then before I went home today I bought one for my fam, which we will hopefully enjoy after dinner tonight. Summer fruits are definitely the best.

02 August 2009


okok I knowwww... I have been a terrible slacker. I don't think I have updated this little guy in ages. But that is all going to change! Promise. This is for a number of reasons, the main one being i need to stop being so lazy and be more proactive. And I can owe much of this to a recent coffeedate I had with a few good friends from school who graduated the year after I did, and who I outwardly admit I wish had graduated with. You can actually check out her fun little blog and I think you'll be amused by miss JanaBailey .

Aside from that, I made a little page to start selling old/new drawings and paintings. Again, proactive. So go buy some and make me smile .

Another life update I'm fairly sure I left you out on is my new, fun, exciting employment since last year. I got a job as a Sign Artist at Trader Joe's in North Wales. I work with 2 other very talented and fun artists at the store, and the three of us do the display boards and shelf signs for the store. So, if you're ever around North Wales, or even if you're not, some stop by, check out our art, sample some food, and see if you can find Ollie the Orca.

Anyway, i'll be back soon. Promise!