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11 June 2010

only moving forward

So I have done a lot of thinking lately. Lots. And I've come to a lot of really important realizations (some on my own, some with other peoples help) and made some decisions. Here goes...

1. It's time to let go of the people who have decided to let go of me. Why mope over old friends and relationships when the only way you can move is forward. If these people have chosen not to have me in their life, then why would I want to be around that anyway? More importantly, NEVER let go of the ones that have stuck by through it all, and the ones that you can catch up with so easily even if it's weeks or months since you've seen each other. They are the keepers.

2. It's time to be more proactive with my art. No... really. I've bought a bunch of new brushes and paints for painting in my basement. My dad and I are working on a space switch so I can have a real studio space in said basement. There are a few things I need to make it totally successful in there (a table for my palette and brushes to sit on, an electric tea kettle, some spotlighting...) but it's happening. Besides these plans forthcoming, I've started another painting and I think I like it so far. I'm quickly and semi-unconsciously starting an Italy series (please see #4 for more about Italia).

3. It's also time to be more proactive in my career as an artist. I really like my job. It is creative, fun, stressful, demanding, and I learn a lot. But my career is as an independent artist and I have to start acting like it. So I recently made a facebook page to advertise myself with (Murals by Amy Facebook), ordered 1000 postcards to soon be distributed in coffeeshops, salons, and interior decorating businesses throughout southeastern PA, am making flyers to be hung anywhere else, and am networking the crap out of all of this. My parents and I are working out a space/wall I can turn into my mural-practicing/experimenting wall. And I have a few people willing to mentor me in this, and two already willing to give me a shot at this. Things are ONLY moving forward.

4. It's time to go back to Italy. For several weeks. My way. I don't know if I'll be living alone or if friends will come along or what, but it's happening regardless. And I have only one item on my agenda while I'm there... paint. That's all. Paint big pieces, small watercolors, even pen or pencil sketches... and sell them. And if I don't paint that day, I will take lots of pictures of things I want to paint. Also, to cook. And to see some new places, and some old places. But, without a doubt in my mind or any more excuses, this is going to happen. This spring. This is the one thing that hasn't left my mind since I graduated. I've changed my mind on what paths of art I want to take a dozen times, thought and rethought about grad school, changed and added jobs, made new friends and lost old ones... but throughout all of these different decisions and paths, Italy has stayed as one. And if I don't go now (soon), I know I never will. So it is literally now (soon) or never.

I guess that's it. There are three things on my serious list: paint, murals, Italy. And they can all be summed up by me moving only forward.

Well that was a bit deep and serious... so let's end on a lighter note. I will be at the beach allllll weekend coming up and I am MORE than excited! Bring on the vitamin D rays, the ocean, and the margaritas!!!

Oh, also as of 20 minutes ago, it is my birthday!! What a good day to make resolutions and decisions. 24 is going to be a good and eventful year... I am sure.

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