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15 June 2010

New Hope and New Ideas

So today was more officially my first big day of promoting. I dropped off postcards in a few locations (not nearly as many as I had hoped, but I'll keep working on it). I visited Langhorne, New Hope, and Jenkintown. Unfortunately I spent way more time driving than I did talking. Something I SERIOUSLY need to work on. However, you can find my postcards at Langhorne Coffeshop, as well as a few shops in New Hope, and Allegheny Art in Jenkintown.

New Hope was a bit more disappointing than I thought it would be. A lot had to do with the fact that at least half of all the stores were still closed at 11:30. Also, I went into a holistic salon/spa and the woman in charge needed to see a portfolio... which I didn't bring with me. Duhhh. So there is something I should really work on, so I can bring it with me and be way more prepared when asked for it. However, the day was not a total bust. New Hope is as lovely as ever, I found at least half a dozen great restaurants I want to try, and peddle boats! I had no idea you could rent little peddle boats to play in the river! Definitely something to keep in mind. I'm on a tight budget so I couldn't do much shopping, but I would have loved to.

Besides that, I'm still just working on promoting the new mural business. My cousin is interested in a commission for something for his wife, and two other people are interested in murals. I'm still working on getting my practice-wall, and still have a painting in the works in my basement studio.

So, by the end of this weekend I'm hoping to have a fully finished portfolio to bring along with me to different businesses. No point in slowing down now, right?

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