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14 June 2010

Sundresses and Sunburn

So today was supposed to be Day 1 of Mural Madness, which I guess it kind of was but not to the extent I hoped. I meant to drop off postcards in coffee shops, salons, and interior decorating locations in Glenside, Langhorne, and New Hope but only made it through Glenside. I have sunburn on the back of my legs so bad that sitting in a car in a dress for so long was agonizing. So, onto Plan B... which is aloe, aloe, aloe and a second attempt tomorrow. However, I did make it to Glenside, leaving postcards in Elsy's and the Keswick Coffee House. If you happen to be in those neighborhoods, catching a train, grabbin' some joe, listening to some live music, then pick up a postcard and consider a hand painted, custom mural by yours truly.

So tomorrow's plan is to getup nice and early, dress nice, and make a whole day out of visiting these places to network a bit. Also, my murals aren't limited to just homes. I'm more than willing to work with businesses and restaurants as well! My prices are reasonable and I am more than OK with working with your budget too. I know times are tough and artwork may not be the first thing on everyones mind, so I'll work with the budget you have to give you a fabulous mural.

Aside from all of this, beach weekend was lots of fun and long overdue. Besides the sunburn covering the back half of me, I loved every bit of it. Now, onto the next thing!

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