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02 June 2010

New goals and ventures

So once again, several months later, I post another entry. Things have gotten more hectic, but also less hectic... strange how that happens. However, I am even more focused and determined to work on home murals professionally. I finished one in my parents kitchen, am working on a mural-on-canvas for a friend in exchange for a real website, and am starting one in my bedroom (which I plan on painting over and over again, depending on what I feel like seeing... a fake window to other lands... pretty cool, right?)

I'm rather pleased with how the mural in the kitchen turned out. It's simple and cute. Mom already wants more in other places around the kitchen. I'm 99% finished this one... two bottles need corks in them and it's done. Steph's mural is coming along too. I'm planning to have it finished by the end of June (and hopefully my website by then as well).

Here are some photos to enjoy
** If you are viewing this page because you're interested in having a mural in your home, I'd love to hear from you. I'll send you as many references and photos as you'd like.

Not much else new. Still at Trader Joe's makin' signs. I've actually been awake for so long I'm going to sadly cut this entry short. I'll post again soon though.

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