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22 June 2010

Duomo Grande

So I'm continuing to work on the Murals by Amy project, and it really seems to be coming along! I've made sketches for Dee's mural that I'm emailing her tonight. I'm hoping to start her mural by Monday of next week. I'll make a final drawing of how the wall will look, buy supplies this weekend, and then hopefully start Monday!

Also, I am finishing Steph's mural by the end of July. No more fooling around. In exchange for her mural, she agreed to make me a website, so as long as I follow through this month, I hope to have a professional website as well! Here is how it is looking so far...

That is the original drawing (well, a copy...) on the right hand side that I'm referencing (you can check it out here, along with some of my other works from college). I drew that in pen and ink my senior year in college. The mural is further along now than in this photo, but I had to take a break one day because I made a mistake on an angle. Honestly, not a big deal and won't make a difference once it's complete. It was just a frustrating mistake after so many hours of success. However, it is still looking good!!

Aside from that, I'm still dropping off postcards here and there. My friend, Amy, from high school took a bunch of postcards to leave around Doylestown. Awesome.

Besides that, still working on the plan for Italy. Boccella and Bucci are coming too for however long, so I happily won't be traveling entirely alone. I still plan on doing my painting/art thing, of course, but at least I'll have people there to talk to about it all!

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