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09 August 2009

Watermelon and Hot Dogs

So my goals have not been going exactlyyyy as I hoped. Actually... not at all. I've only drawn a handful of times, and painted even less. And tomorrow won't be any better, as I'm having my second surfing lesson all afternoon after work (woo!). But Tuesday!! Tuesday is art day. After I get my oil changed. But then!! Art!!

So I talked to my dad and we're gonna start making a real effort at turning my basement corner into a studio. Yay! That means shelving for still life set-ups, racks (or something similar) for storing, moving around the furniture and supplies... anything to turn my 8 x 11 foot space into a workable studio space. I'm not moving out anytime soon, so I might as well make the best of it.

So the more and more I think about it, the more and more I want to do a painting a day instead of a drawing (my indecisiveness may be the death of me). I sketch enough here and there, and draw everydayyy at work which is SO fun. I need more color and more paint in my life. And although the title of this page unfortunately has nothing to do with art (I ate watermelon today, and will be eating delicious hot dogs on Wednesday), I now REALLY want to paint both of those. Maybe tuesday. But even if I don't complete a small painting a day, I at least want to make progress on bigger works I may be working on.

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