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03 August 2009

New Goal

One drawing per day (non-work related) and one painting or large drawing per week. That is my new goal. And considering that it is monday, the beginning of the week, that is what I will work on after this.

So I'm pretty bummy today, and have been pretty much all weekend, aside from a few good times here and there. We had to put our 11yr old golden retriever/yellow lab, Jack, to sleep on Friday. Our whole family was and still is devasted, to say the least. We had never lost a pet til now, and even though I always knew it would be really hard, this REALLY sucks. Well 11 years of the best dog ever is better than none.

So on a happy note (because who wants to end a bloggity post on that), I had the most delicious watermelon today with lunch. Mikey brought half in and we ate a ridiculous amount of it. Then before I went home today I bought one for my fam, which we will hopefully enjoy after dinner tonight. Summer fruits are definitely the best.

1 comment:

Jannalyn Bailey said...

amy, I'm sorry about your pup :(
that is so sad.

I really like your goals though! it sounds great! I look forward to seeing your work!