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18 October 2009

stuffy nose

well, consider me a crappy blogger. hopefully ill start keeping up with this better... im just not good with routine. boo.

so lately, its been mostly work work work, plus some sweet set designing for kristen. its coming along pretty well, minus a minor setback this weekend of me being sick and having to drag my ass from panel to panel trying to make trees look like trees. besides that, a side project here and there. loving the new season of the Office, most especially the wedding episode (i'm a sap, blah blah, i know), making new friends, getting closer with old friends... life has been busy. too busy to put into a brief blog entry.

the art show i had a chance of snagging this month escaped my grasp before i could snag it, but it looks promising for the future. the Art Guy at milkboy coffee (a coffeehouse/recording studio/venue/art gallery) said to keep in touch and we'll set something up for 2010. woo!!

lately ive been very into reading graphic novels. i love them, i think they are so fun and easy to read. plus, it amazes me how much of a story these artists/authors can fit into one panel or page. awesome. i need to find some new ones to read. so far, ive read:

Carnet de Voyage
French Milk

if anyone has some suggestions, please let me know!

oh, and my breaktime hobby at work is a blast. after i finish my lunch, i do a quick, 20 minute ink sketch on a 4"x5" piece of cardstock, then give it away. ill start selling them eventually i guess, but mostly its just to practice and excersize my hand and eye. yayyy pen and ink!

and i almost forgot!! i sold a drawing!! one of my drawings on sold to a man in austin, tx. yay!!! i was so excited, but i almost forgot!! now everyone go and see my things and buy them :) AmyKitz yay!!

i wish i had more fun things to say, but my head feels like its stuffed with feltballs and i can barely think.

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Jes said...

i mean there could be worse things to have ur head stuffed with :)