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02 August 2009


okok I knowwww... I have been a terrible slacker. I don't think I have updated this little guy in ages. But that is all going to change! Promise. This is for a number of reasons, the main one being i need to stop being so lazy and be more proactive. And I can owe much of this to a recent coffeedate I had with a few good friends from school who graduated the year after I did, and who I outwardly admit I wish had graduated with. You can actually check out her fun little blog and I think you'll be amused by miss JanaBailey .

Aside from that, I made a little page to start selling old/new drawings and paintings. Again, proactive. So go buy some and make me smile .

Another life update I'm fairly sure I left you out on is my new, fun, exciting employment since last year. I got a job as a Sign Artist at Trader Joe's in North Wales. I work with 2 other very talented and fun artists at the store, and the three of us do the display boards and shelf signs for the store. So, if you're ever around North Wales, or even if you're not, some stop by, check out our art, sample some food, and see if you can find Ollie the Orca.

Anyway, i'll be back soon. Promise!

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