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05 August 2009


I painted today! For like 3 hours, which is very exciting. I almostttt finished Dave and Lil's wedding/shoe portrait. I'm starting to get used to my makeshift studio space in my basement. I shouldn't be so picky... it's free, it's at home, there's a sink and a fridge, and when I get really frustrated I can go upstairs and have my mom talk me out of wiping everything down. It works for now.

Things I have that make it feel like a studio:
- iPod dock
- cabinets full of blank/do-over-able canvases
- shelving and some storage

Things I need in order to make it feel more like a studio:
- a table like in Arcadias studio that I can sit my palette and stuff on so I can clear off my drafting table finally
- a tea kettle
- a new location for my cats litter box (it stinks awful)
- a new layout
- higher ceilings (obviously can't happen in my basement, but one can wish)
- paint. i am running dangerously low.

And until I find an affordable space to work in, this will do.

Photos of Dave and Lils painting will be up soon!

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