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05 August 2009

More of my Slackerdom

Day two of my goal not going well. Spent a day at the beach instead of drawing or painting. BUT... I read an art book on the beach!! If you have never read Art and Fear, please do so. One of my favessss.

So I mentioned before about losing our golden retriever. Well now I have a question for the probably small audience who may read this. Our 3 year old beagle seems to be dealing with some doggie depression now that hes lost his buddy, and we don't quite know how to help. Does anyone have any wise words of advice on this matter, because it certainly breaks my little heart to see this pup so sad.

Now... on a happy note :) It is currently 4 AM and I am getting ready for work. While this may not seem happy to you, it means I did not oversleep like I did on monday and I won't be 45 minutes late for work. Also, the day I spent at the beach yesterday was with my siblings and my 17 yr old brothers friends. I think its a great day when you realize you and your brothers and sisters are finally all close enough where you can hang out for a day and not want to fight like 5 year olds.

And since I did no creating today (yesterday?? we'll just say Tuesday), then today I must do double. (Note to self... blogs at 4AM ramble... avoid this in the future...) Time for some coffee!

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