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05 April 2011

The Countdown is On...

OK so it is officially 12 hours and 23 minutes until I board my first of three planes to Italy. I am SO excited, slightly nervous, and slightly below my normal weight in anticipation of the obvious weight gain I'm about to endure (completely willingly).

I said my "See ya later"s to almost everyone at work (sorry if I missed you!) and was told that if I don't come back having gained some weight then I didn't do my trip right. I completely agree, by the way. Not only will I be eating enough pizzas for at least a dozen people to enjoy vicariously through me, but I was sent on a mission by my bffwifey to sample every pastry I can find. She wants to open and Italian bakery and I *reluctantly* agreed. And by reluctantly agreed, I mean it was basically understood I was going to do that anyway, but now I had an excuse. "Un'altra sfogliatelle, per favore. I'm not sure I tasted it correctly the first time."

And there will be several trips and many visitors!! Patrick is coming for a 3 1/2 weeks, Christina from TJs is coming for a few nights, and Mal and Mark will be there for the first few days!! There are many fun things plans which I will not allude to so that you can be surprised when I tell you later. I can't give away all the suspenseful, exciting updates before they even happen.

However, I should go for now. At the moment I am just killing time waiting for my iPod updates and uploads to go through. I will write again at some point from Firenze!!

A presto!!

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