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15 July 2011


OK so this blog thing was supposed to turn into a journal kind of thing so I could check in every few days and update people on what I've been doin. Oops. Turns out that I have wanted to spend as little time on the computer as possible while here... who'd have thought? Anyway, considering that I only have a week left it's a little late so start updating now because you've missed a lot. But also considering I'm alone in the apt tonight and feeling good with a glass of wine, it's a GREAT place to start. Soooo, I'll try and start with the beginning and see what happens.


OK so everything was running sooooo smoothly. I had a great birthday night with family and Patrick the night before and was feeling good. Bucci and I happened to arrive at the airport at the exact same time... perfect timing. Checked in, checked our bags, found our terminal and grabbed a beer (at a bar at our gate with 40 beers on tap... can I say amazing??). Easy flight to Atlanta, pretty easy but fast layover, LONG but relatively smooth flight (minus an hour or so of nasty turbulence... may or may not have said a prayer or 2), and easy connection in Venice. Still good, right? We get to Rome on another smooth, although rather B.O.-filled, flight. Looking good... until we land in Rome. We go to grab our bags and... nothing. We wait til the next arrived flights bags go through... nothing.

Obviously this is not good and I'm sure you can see where this is going. So Bucci and I go to file a claim on our missing bags and try to find out where they are. So we ask where they have been left. Pause. "We don't know." Don't know? I'm sorry but isn't that what those little barcode sticker tags that they attach are for? To find out where they are located? Apparently they are just for decoration. So we ask if she can look a little further and see if there is any sign of our bags on this great earth. "No, I'm sorry there are no messages." Obviously not... bags can't send messages from the moon, which is my best guess as to where they could be. There is no WiFi on the moon, so messages would be near impossible. OK signora, what do we do now. "We'll call you when we find them. What hotel are you staying at?" No, no hotel. An apartment. In Florence, not Rome. "Oh... we will call you and send them to your apartment." So we have to wait in our apartment for x-number of days til you get our bags back?

To make a long story short, we gave her our numbers and told her to send the bags to the Florence airport and we would get them ourselves. When. "Tomorrow probably." OK, one night, no big deal. Luckily Mal and Mark were meeting us in Florence so they'd have toiletries and stuff to lend for a night. Head up to Florence, and meet our landlord (who is a WHOLE other story, mind you...) two hours late so he is not happy. Too bad I tried calling 10 times and his cell phone just sucks. Anyway, we FINALLY settle in with promises of internet coming the next day. We call the airline that night and still no sign of our bags, call in the morning.

That was Monday. Tuesday we spend half the day wandering the city, visiting the Uffizi, and calling the airline. Good news! We found a bag in Atlanta. Oh good!! Where is the other? "We don't know. We will call you." Mind you, we hadn't received one phone call in 24 hours, not even telling us they found a bag. We had to call. We call again later that night and find out that one was in Atlanta and one was in Venice. We still, to this day, have no idea where our bags actually first got left. At any rate, they said our bags would be on the 6:30pm flight landing in Florence. We hop on the bus to the airport in Florence and wait for our bags in the baggage claim area. We watch Rome's bags come through... Zurich's... and Frankfurt's, but ours are nowhere to be seen. Again. We get some help from a kind lady in the lost and found who tells us to call after the 11:30 plane lands and hopefully they are there. 4 hours later, no luck.

Wednesday. This is basically day 3 with no bags. We had luckily both packed a few items of clothes in our carry-ons, just in case, so we were still living but just barely. Mal and Mark trek off to Venice for the day and Bucci and I literally spent the day on the phone with the airlines and airports trying to find our bag. A nasty woman in the Florence airport who brought me to tears with her nastiness said that no bags were in Florence, they must be in Rome. So when I asked her to look around instead of just looking on the computer screen she basically hung up on me. OK, at this point Bucci and I had been in the Lost and Found in Florence. It is not big. At all. It would take someone 3 minutes max to glance around and see if the bags are physically sitting there and not just a message on the computer screen. But not her, oh no.

A kinder man in Rome was more helpful and took the time to hunt in all areas for where our bags could be. He said one was in Florence and one was in Rome, contrary to nasty lady's testament of none in Florence. So we were back to square one with no idea at all where our bags actually were. Our only solution? Try the 6:30 flight in Florence and see if 2 lonely bags are sitting there. Took another bus to the airport, crossing our fingers to find at least ONE bag there. We go through the lost and found and... BUCCI'S BAG IS THERE!!! I pretty much give up looking since he only said one bag was there. Bucci suggests taking another look and... is that... it can't be... MY BAG!! And we each lived happily ever after with our luggage.

This is what luggage looks like after its been missing 3 days. The bow was there before, it wasn't a gift from the airport.

So let's count. 2 people + 3 days + 2 missing bags + a bajillion phone calls + 2 hang-ups by airline people + 2 bus trips to the airport + coffee and wine = 2 well-traveled bags.

Reliving this entry has taken a lot out of me so I'll leave you with this story for now. Lots more to come.

PS-- Huge thanks to Mal and Mark for helping out those couple days and for coming to visit!!

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