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01 August 2010

Seventy7 Kids

I finished the mural for Seventy 7 Kids today in the Cherry Hill Mall! I'm so excited. My arms and hands ache, my wrists and forearms are sore, and I think I have temporary nerve damage in my right index finger (unrelated injury from spray painting Friday, but still painful and awkward), but all totally worth it. The kids were mostly a big help, and I only had to make some slight touch-ups here and there.

The company I was working for is called Relevent, a marketing firm based in NYC. They sent me a painting they wanted me to replicate onto these big canvases, so unfortunately that means I didn't design this. But I did paint it! The two ladies I worked with were so sweet and helpful, and couldn't have been too much older than me. They were awesome. I gave out a bunch of business cards that will hopefully be passed around back up in the 212, and will hopefully lead to even more jobs!

The kids were mostly sweet and helpful and pretty much listened to whatever directions I gave (with the exception of one... 5 out of 6 isn't bad). I have to tell you, listening to middle school gossip and life-speak is HILARIOUS. I haven't heard so many "like"s and "OMG"s and "she was totally like"s in years. The best was when this one kid model for the store was in the store. Nicole, one of the girls I was working for, came up to the young girls painting with me and told them about the "cuuuute boyyyy". The little painters totally played it off like no big deal... until Nicole rounded the corner and they raced to the edge of the painting to get a look! Anyway, as much as I say I wish I were 10 again... maybe not.

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Tim Aikens said...

So cool!