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04 October 2010

Little Adventures, Here and There

So life lately has been... busy? Eventful? Hectic? Unfortunately none of those words are quite right for what I'm thinking, even though at the same time all three of them are totally right.

About a week ago I spent 5 hours waiting in line to audition/be reviewed for Bravo's TV show Work of Art. It was insane. I met some cool people, saw some REALLY weird people (awesomee!) and had an extremely awkward review where I basically rambled for 5 minutes while my reviewed smiled, nodded, and said "mm-hmm" a lot. Better luck next year, Self.

Italy is still in the plans, especially since I didn't quite make the cut for Bravo. I found a place I like and now it's just a matter of figuring out the length of time to stay and getting approval from work. Fingers crossed for both (apartment and work-approval)!! The place is small but nice, with a stove AND oven (yes!!!), 2-3 sleeping spaces and it's in Italy. Perfetto.

Life at TJs has been winding down... while at the same time getting crazy. Lisa is back (HUGE YAY!) which is obviously awesome. It's great to have her back in the art room, and also great to have her back because she is seriously awesome at this job. Makes like a bajillion times easier/more fun. But then again, the holidays are coming so that means the crowds are too. Oh goodie...

Have you ever been so torn between your head and your heart that it is physically exhausting? I'm there too lately. In a number of places in life I think. Art, relationships, life goals... how do you pick? I've always been one to follow my heart, but God knows that hasn't always worked out. And while following my head sometimes works, it's always the safer bet and always feel like I'm cheating myself out of something. Best idea yet? Stop thinking :) See what happens and do your best to enjoy the ride :) Oh, and don't cheat myself out of anything. Try everything once. I love the quote that goes something like "If you never try, you've already failed." Did I make that up? Not sure... If I did though, then go me :)

So my last blog entry was about choosing a new title... I think I might like the title of this entry actually! Let me know yes or no... but I think I might go with it!



lisa sarbello said...

i LOVE this post, and not just b/c you mentioned me in it. ;) but, it's so honest and fun, i think it's the perfect re-name for your blog. luv ya!

Little Adventures, Here and There said...

love ya back!!