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02 August 2008

Senior Thesis

Here is a bunch of work I made in college. Sorry the quality is so poor, I'm working on getting them professionally photographed.

The first 6 are from my senior thesis. The five paintings of shoes are family portraits of my family and my cousins, aunts and uncles. The sixth is my grandfathers chair with his shoes still tucked underneath. He passed away about a year ago and it affected me deeply. My thesis was dedicated to and inspired by him and his unending love for his wonderfully large family.

All are 36" x 48", oil on canvas, worked on from January until April of 2008. All were given to members of my family, none are for sale.

My Sister, Two Brothers, Mother, Father, and Myself

Uncle Mike, Aunt Dawn, Ian, and Patrick

Uncle Steve and Nan

Uncle Ted, Aunt Lori, Joseph, and Grace

Uncle Tim, Aunt Lisa, Nick, Kevin, Dan, and Mary

Pop's Chair with Pop's Shoes and Nan's Shoe

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